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music & lyrics by Bobby Cronin

Daybreak is a non-traditional, coming-of-age musical journey about the troubled relationship of Dylan Ryan and his in denial wife Rebecca, whose biological clock is ticking more loudly with each passing day. The real issue with their marriage? Dylan likes to sleep with men. As the couple moves into Dylan's childhood home in San Francisco, the story of Dylan's parents unfolds and intertwines as memories haunt the old house, which spirals Dylan further into darkness.

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"The measure of Mr.Cronin's intellectual and dramaturgical boldness is certified by the simultaneous existence on stage...Mr.Cronin's handling of time involves dazzling jump cuts, swirling dream-like sequences and symbolic references, with daring temporal experimentalism intelligently anchored by the superb performances of the cast. His time traveling allows his songs to engage with a vast range of issues, all of which demand and receive psychologically convincing interpretations."


- David Rabinowitz, Nightlife


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