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Mary & max

Music & lyrics by Bobby Cronin
Book by Crystal Skillman
Based on Adam Elliot's film, 



13-year old Lily has locked herself in her room. Her newly single father chooses to finally tell Lily the story of Mary and Max, a tale set in the 1970s about a seemingly random friendship between Mary Daisy Dinkle, a chubby and lonely eight-year-old with a birthmark on her forehead the color of poo who lives in Australia and Max Jerry Horowitz, a 44-year-old obese New Yorker who is soon diagnosed with a newly named disorder, Asperger Syndrome.


As pen-pals, they go through their highest and lowest times together, spanning twenty years. But, will Lily see Mary and Max meet before it's too late?

Til Death Do Us Part

Book by Caroline Prugh
Music & Lyrics by Bobby Cronin

Set in Evangelical America during the Clinton/Bush era, this original 11-person musical with a contemporary, country-gospel-influenced score investigates the trouble women’s ambition poses to institutions (church, marriage, societal norms) as defined by the white patriarchy and its handmaids.


It’s the story of Gracie Jean Lewis (Grace), a spitfire from hardscrabble Tennessee who feels called to preach a message of God’s grace and Matthew Whitfield, heir apparent to small town Evangelical royalty who struggles to rebel against his fundamentalist father without losing the privileges of his birth. When they meet, it’s mutual love at first sight. So how does their fairytale marriage end in murder?

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 3.52.03 PM.png


Written by Crystal Skillman

Music by Bobby Cronin

In Rain and Zoe Save the World, two Seattle teenagers embark on an impulsive motorcycle journey to join a group of oil protesters on the east coast. But as they follow a major pipeline across the country, what began as two young activists' longing to belong to something greater than themselves gives way to Rain and Zoe discovering that the true danger in this world might just be growing up.


Words & Music by Bobby Cronin
Add'l by Crystal Skillman

 The Concrete Jungle Bar in Brooklyn, while rundown and struggling to stay afloat, is oasis for a diverse group of friends trying to turn their dreams into realities while traversing the tangled web of their lives in New York City, 
In this romantic musical comedy inspired by Cryano, we follow Abby, a technologically unsavvy Ivy League graduate in her mid-thirties as she bartends while holding on to student debt, wondering when her writing career and love life will finally blossom. Add in a fashionista who demands respect, a genderfluid best friend, a less-than-suave investment banker, a medical student who needs experience playing doctor, a confident and sexy actor/influencer, and even a drunken sailor...sparks fly in all directions, especially when a phone call from Guy, a Canadian writer, changes Abby‘s life forever. But will Guy say “I love you” to the wrong person, or will love conquer all?







Book & Lyrics by

Christine Toy Johnson
Music by Bobby Cronin


Anne O’Donnell, a 34-year old newlywed and freelance photographer at the end of her journey with brain cancer, invites her family and closest friends to spend her final New Year’s Eve and

birthday with her at the

family’s home in Vermont.


Taking place on the eve of 2017, each of them finds that they must grapple with Anne’s right to die with dignity and grace, the determination to stay in the moment even if it’s ripping your heart out - and the art of letting go.




Created by Bobby Cronin (TYA)


Pre-teen Magnolia Donovan "sees things", much to the dismay of her father Leo. Along with her Nana, Magnolia & Leo head to an old inn in Vermont for a get away. There they encounter two families who have been chosen by world renowned psychic-medium Skylar Quinn to get specialized on-site training. After Nana convinces Skylar to let Magnolia join, the psychic kids develop their skills while helping a separated ghost family lost in the afterlife. To face her demons, Magnolia must believe in herself to exorcise the Shadow Man and save the ghost family.




Created by Bobby Cronin

"The measure of Mr.Cronin's intellectual and dramaturgical boldness is certified by the simultaneous existence on stage...Mr.Cronin's handling of time involves dazzling jump cuts, swirling dream-like sequences and symbolic references, with daring temporal experimentalism intelligently anchored by the superb performances of the cast. His time traveling allows his songs to engage with a vast range of issues, all of which demand and receive psychologically convincing interpretations."

What is it like to be a teenager in today’s polarized world where iPhones and technology are part of everyday life? Where school shootings are the norm and bullying runs rampant? What if teens didn’t have technology to distract them from themselves, forcing communication to be face to face? Welcome To My Life explores these ideas while giving voice to those who have faced trauma in the form of bullying, abuse, mental health issues, divorce, death, and more.

W2ML is a fluid theatrical experience; a hybrid of theatre and concert to propel the emotionally heightened story and often epic rock/pop score. The conceptual set utilizes projections on giant floor-to-ceiling LED screens (like a Porter Robinson concert, or Beyonce, or Pink) which helps transition into and out of the wilderness and into and out of the characters’ thoughts, memories, fears, hopes, nightmares, etc…

A major concept of the musical is that some of the actors play numerous characters and often musical instruments, usually in the height of their traumatic stories or memories. There is a band, which could be onstage. Additionally, there should be onstage mic stands for the many songs with backup vocals.  Wilderness Intervention Programs, like the Pathway, are entirely real. Composer/writer Bobby Cronin went to two different programs to do research, one in Utah and one in Arizona. Many of the stories in this musical are from those life-changing research trips.



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