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book by Caroline Prugh
music & lyrics by Bobby Cronin
WINNER SDSU New Works 2018-2020
Finalist SigWorks 2016
Overtures Series 2016

Set in Evangelical America during the Clinton/Bush era, this original 11-person musical with a contemporary, country-gospel-influenced score investigates the trouble women’s ambition poses to institutions (church, marriage, societal norms) as defined by the white patriarchy and its handmaids.

It’s the story of Gracie Jean Lewis (Grace), a spitfire from hardscrabble Tennessee who feels called to preach a message of God’s grace and Matthew Whitfield, heir apparent to small town Evangelical royalty who struggles to rebel against his fundamentalist father without losing the privileges of his birth. When they meet, it’s mutual love at first sight. So how does their fairytale marriage end in murder?

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Wedding Bands

“The subject matter is really going to make people think. We’re not here to say I want you to feel this way or think this way. It’s to provoke the thought, to start conversations.” 

- Bobby Cronin, in an interview on the process of creating Til Death Do We Part


'TIL DEATH DO US PART Presented at the

Overtures Series

Developing ‘Til Death Do Us Part

New Musical is a Collaborative Work in Progress

'TIL DEATH DO US PART to be Presented in a Developmental Workshop

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